In the spirit of giving this holiday season, instead of the standard newsletter this week, we are talking about Love Missions, a non-profit based out of Sanford, Florida.  They fight against human trafficking, especially children.  I have gotten to know their CEO and co-founder, Carl J. Kadolph, who has shared some heartbreaking stories about children being abused, trafficked, and treated in ways no child should ever have to endure.  

He has also shared some heart-warming stories of how they help these children, and specifically how other people can help these children as well.  So, we are asking everyone to help, if they are able, and support Love Missions’ incredible mission this holiday season.  

The best part is that there are many, many different ways to help.  

1.  They operate a safe house for children/people they save and need help to ensure it stays open.  Recently, they saved 5 children from an abuser that was keeping them in a dilapidated shed in the backyard and threatening them with extreme physical harm.   

If you would like to contribute to helping with the operating costs of the safehouse you can send donations to:

Love Missions Global

P.O. Box 1053

Sanford, FL 32772

Or you can donate electronically on their website:

2.  You can help sponsor a child for only $25.00 a month.  This helps to feed, clothe, and provide medical care for the children they save from human trafficking and abuse. You can go to the website link above or simply click on the “Donate Here” link.  

3.   You can provide items for Christmas Boxes for at-risk and homeless children.  Love Missions has headed up this program for over 10 years and they have been able to bring joy to kids that might otherwise have no Christmas gift at all. Once they delivered 700 boxes to a deeply impoverished area near Jackson, Mississippi. Hear Carl’s story from a Christmas Box delivery: 

“I remember giving one to a young boy about 6 years old.  Of all the things inside that box, a little car, a hat, candy all kinds of things, but out of it all he grabbed the toothbrush and at the top of his lungs he said “Woohoo I finally have my own toothbrush…..Now I don’t have to share with my sister”. Imagine living in a world where your kids have to share a toothbrush because there is only one to go around.

We have posted their Christmas Boxes of Love List in the link below.  For those of you with young kids, this might be a fun activity to do as a family and deliver them to Love Missions.  They are simple, small things that make a big difference to children that normally have little to nothing.

Love Missions List Gift Box

4.  Finally, if any of these aren’t your thing, you have to know someone who likes coffee, right?  Carl also runs Palate Coffee Brewery.  This is another completely non-profit Coffee Shop whose proceeds go to the fight against human trafficking.  I have had the coffee, and it’s delicious.  Consider skipping the Starbucks run and buying gift cards for clients, customers, friends, and/or family that love coffee.  It’s open Monday through Saturday, located at 105 W 2nd St, Sanford FL 32771, 321-363-0661.

They even have a cool offering of a Palate Gram.  Here’s the description: 

Do you know someone who could use a pick-me-up? A virtual teacher? A struggling mom? A healthcare worker? A friend who just needs a smile? Whoever the person, we have the coffee. While going through this hard time we will be delivering PALATE-GRAM’S to people who need a smile. A Palate-Gram is a coffee and note from you to someone you choose. You order it, we deliver it straight to them. So go ahead…order below!

Here is the Link to Order:  Order a Palate Gram

There are numerous ways you can contribute to children in need, and I am sure many of you already do donate your time and money to other causes, but if you have the ability, anything at all helps tremendously.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we are happy to put you in touch with Carl directly. 

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

– Matt

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