[Podcast] Out of Court and Out of Conflict: Debunking Estate Planning Myths

Out of Court and Out of Conflict: Debunking Estate Planning Myths

Out of Court and Out of Conflict with Wasinger Law Office

Estate planning: often considered complex and only necessary for the wealthy. But what if we told you it’s crucial for everyone, regardless of age or net worth?

In our second episode of Out of Court and Out of Conflict, estate planning attorney, Matthew Wasinger breaks down exactly why everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of age or bank account size. He also tackles some of the most common myths holding people back from getting started.

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This episode is your cheat sheet to:

  • Why estate planning matters: It’s not just about fancy houses and million-dollar estates. Find out how an estate plan can save your family time, money, and a whole lot of stress.
  • Probate: What’s the deal? We’ll explain what probate is, and Matt will share some tips on how you might be able to avoid it altogether.
  • Trusts: Friend or foe? Learn how trusts can help you manage your assets, potentially lower taxes, and make sure your loved ones inherit smoothly.
  • Protecting your kids’ inheritance: Got minor children? Discover smart ways to ensure they receive what you leave them, at the right time.
  • Saving money with estate planning: Believe it or not, a good estate plan can actually save you and your family cash in the long run.

Get informed and secure your family’s future.

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Stay tuned for more informative and engaging legal discussions in our upcoming episodes!

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