Services Victoria Hernandez Wasinger Provides

Orlando, Florida, Entertainment Law Attorney Victoria Hernández Wasinger offers these services to clients:


  • Entertainment Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  • Contract Review
  • Registration (Copyright or Trademark)
  • Film Production Agreements
  • Television Production Agreements
  • General Production Agreements
  • Crew Deal Memos
  • Podcast Agreements
  • YouTube Production Agreements
  • Talent Agreements
  • Operating Agreements

How Does Victoria Work With You?

Attorney Victoria Hernández Wasinger assists TV and film producers who are producing television and film projects–mainly independent productions. She also works with people who create podcasts and YouTube content.

“I tend to deliver the majority of my legal services via e-mail, Zoom, and telephone,” Victoria said. “Most of my clients don’t need to physically meet because they can send me items they want me to review via e-mail, we can have a Zoom conference call, or we can discuss everything via phone.”

“For example, one client had me review his movie for trademark infringement and rights of publicity. He sent me links so I could watch clips with him on the phone and then talk through any legal issues with him.”

Where Are My Clients Located?

Attorney Victoria Hernández Wasinger works with clients in Florida and across the U.S.

For example, I have clients in D.C., Pennsylvania, and in New York.

For production contracts or production issues, however, I prefer working only with Florida-based clients.

One client I had who had a record that was sampled by a major artist in the ‘90s, had never been paid for it.

When she came to me, another big artist was going to sample her track again, but was actually going to pay her and do the right thing. She needed my help in knowing how much to charge.

I worked with her and talked her through it: “here are your rights. This is what you can ask for.”

I armed her with the knowledge she needed to negotiate for herself with confidence and she was so grateful.

She ended up negotiating a really great deal, even better than expected. After having had her art stolen in the past and not getting any credit, she was happy that this time she was actually given her due credit and compensated fairly.

What’s the Goal of Working With Victoria?

My goal is to take the fear out of creating and distributing art. People hear all of these cautionary tales about others getting sued for copyright infringement or trademark infringement.

I find that there are a lot of creatives that are scared to make things and put things out there because they’re worried they’re going to get sued. It’s nice to talk to them and say, “Okay, here’s the real risk. Here’s what is allowed and here are the things you can’t do. And here’s what you should do to protect yourself.”

How Has the Pandemic Affected the Entertainment Industry?

The pandemic has made production extremely challenging and costly for independent filmmakers, attorney Victoria Hernández Wasinger said.

Production insurance has increased. The cost of everything is more expensive because of all of the safeguards people must take.

For people who already completed projects, it’s an opportunity to meet with distributors who are in need of content. There is a demand for content because even the biggest producers were not creating for the last few months. Production is picking back up though. It’s just that now it seems like only the major studios are able to afford it.

YouTubers and podcasters seem to be doing okay. There’s a demand for content because people are spending more time at home. Luckily podcasts and a lot of YouTube content don’t require contact and can be produced on a smaller scale. But film and television production is challenging at the moment.

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